Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

It was another wonderful day to spend Mother's Day with some female residents at a facility in south San Diego.  This time, we did some activities with them and they had a great time.  The pictures will show that  everyone seemed to enjoy our visit more this time around.  We did 3 activities:  First, Pass the bear where when the music stops, whoever is holding the bear would share anything they wish to.  Susan brought the most huggable bear, and everyone can't help but love to hold it.  The second one was similar to the famous Simon Says, however, we tweaked it a little bit to Pilot Says...Fly....Pilot Says...Land.  Check out the pictures below, it was a trip! The third one was Group Singing.  They get to pick a song and we all sang it together.  Top favorite was-You are my sunshine. After all that fun, we served them with our usual cake, soda, and a special flower with a card that says--Because you are very special.  So, here are the pictures as they speak more than words will.  We can't wait to do the same with their male residents for Father's Day in June.

Preparing the flowers the night before...

Cutting the cards and ribbons
The cards with the flowers
All set at the facility's social hall
Special cake for special moms
Enjoying the cake
Pass the bear

Why are their hands waving high? Because Pilot Says...Fly
Why are their hands sank down?  Because Pilot says...Land
One more time...Pilot says...Fly
It's time for them to have their especially made flowers...